15 TikTok Money-Making Strategies for 2024

TikTok, with over 3 billion downloads and 50 million active users every day, is the sixth most popular social media site globally in 2023. It’s a large market.

If you spend many hours daily on TikTok, consider making money from your pastime. Ultimately, a sizable audience exists on this flourishing social media platform, ready to be amused (and perhaps even part with some cash).

Thus, it should come as no surprise that many people have already discovered ways to make money on TikTok; some even view it as a full-time career.

However, where do you even start? How can people make money on TikTok? There are several approaches, 15 of which we will discuss.

15 proven ways to make money on TikTok

TikTok is a space for users to generate and spread concise 15-second visuals concerning different spheres (vocal and dance challenges, comedy, general entertainment, and the cuteness of cats).

With a diverse range of content available, users can attract and engage tiktok followers who resonate with their unique style. 

Moreover, TikTok offers abundant monetization opportunities, catering to content creators trying to grow their audience and businesses aiming to reach new markets.

  1. Enroll in the Creator Fund and TikTok Creativity Program.

This program rewards creators with a share of a pool of funds based on video views, engagement, and region. It’s a fantastic option for established creators with a large, engaged audience. However, eligibility requirements exist, so focus on building your audience and high-quality content first.

  1. Work together with a creator.

Partnering with creators who complement your content style is a win-win. You can tap into each other’s audiences, generate fresh ideas, and land brand deals together. Look for creators with the same audience size and niche to maximize reach and impact.

  1. Collaborate with a reputable brand.

Companies proactively search for TikTok stars to market their goods to specific audiences. Companies may contact you regarding sponsored material if you have a devoted fan base. Choose which businesses to collaborate with and align with your audience and ideals to preserve authenticity.

  1. Consider using affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing lets you promote things you enjoy and use. Partner with products pertinent to your audience and include affiliate links in your bio or video descriptions. Every transaction performed through your exclusive link generates a commission for you, generating a source of passive income.

  1. Promote Sales on TikTok with Ads

Do you own a business or provide a service? TikTok’s advertising network can help you connect with a niche market. Create compelling advertising campaigns highlighting our product’s advantages and providing a prominent call to action that drives visitors to your website or sales funnel.

  1. Make videos to advertise your goods or services.

Instead of standard advertisements, create exciting videos that naturally promote your good or service. Emphasize its attributes, present client endorsements, or illustrate how it addresses an issue that your audience is facing. Make it engaging and educational to draw in readers without being pushy.

  1. Make an account on Patreon.

Creators can provide paying subscribers with exclusive material through Patreon. Examples include behind-the-scenes looks, first access to films, and customized interactions. Appeal to your most devoted followers, who are prepared to purchase premium material and support your artistic pursuits.

  1. Provide exclusive content on TikTok.

Even though some content is still available to the general public, consider offering exclusive previews, teasers, or additional clips to viewers who subscribe or follow you at a higher tier. This will encourage subscribers and reward your most devoted fans with exclusive content.

  1. Be a brand ambassador.

You may be selected as a long-term brand ambassador if you personify entirely the company’s image and core values. In contrast to one-time sponsored posts, this entails showcasing the company in your content and marketing its goods more integrated.

  1. Send out virtual presents.

TikTok’s livestreaming features let users give virtual presents to other users, which can be swapped for real money. Organize captivating live events, engage viewers in conversation, and offer insightful material to entice them to contribute virtual gifts and support your efforts.

  1. Market digital goods

Think about producing and marketing digital goods like ebooks, online courses, or templates if you are an expert in a particular field. Show off your expertise, position yourself as an authority, and direct visitors to your website or landing page so they may buy your digital goods by using your TikTok content.

  1. Consult with other businesses and brands.

Your expertise and experience from TikTok can benefit companies. Provide advice on influencer marketing, social media strategy, and content generation. Make the most of your audience and platform to attract clients seeking your expertise.

  1. Organize live seminars or events.

Organize interactive live events or seminars to impart more in-depth knowledge and skills. Charge participation fees, and participants should receive worthwhile content in exchange. This may be a fantastic approach to making money from your knowledge and establishing a stronger connection with your audience.

  1. Get donations or gratuities.

If you make engaging and valuable content, people may be willing to tip you or donate to your cause. Use tools like Ko-fi and TikTok LIVE donation options to let people directly contribute to your creative projects. Communicate openly the intended use of donations and thank those who make them.

  1. Create and market accounts on TikTok.

This method requires a long-term dedication. A valuable TikTok account can be developed by steadily producing excellent content and methodically expanding your following. Once it has a sizable following and engagement level, consider selling it to companies or people looking to make a name for themselves on the network.

The Bottom Line 

TikTok empowers people to convert their abilities and content into money. You can try several strategies to make money on TikTok. Your marketing could differ from an individual creator to a business looking to tap into a massive audience.

The opportunities are infinite, ranging from advertising products, providing exclusive content, investigating affiliate marketing, signing up for TikTok’s Creator Fund, and collaborating with other creators. 

You can treat this platform as the place where you can combine TikTok’s advanced editing and unlimited creativity and create a successful business on one of the most popular social media platforms.

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