What is IPL Laser Hair Removal: All You Need to Know

IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, is a new technology that uses intense light beams to remove unwanted hair permanently with pinpoint accuracy and great effectiveness. This technique stops growing hair follicles by utilising the power of different lengths of cooled pulses of light beams on the surface of your skin. 

This treatment increases hair preconstruction without harming other tissues. The advantages and effectiveness of microdermabrasion have made it a favoured collaborator for people who want to maintain a healthy glow for a long time.

How Does the IPL Technology Work?

The speciality of IPL is obtained using broad-spectrum light, which is in short flashes and produces heat to zap the melanin-producing pigment cells. In this sublime case, also called phototherapy, heat damages the follicle to stop or slow down new hair growth. 

Even so, it will always preserve the overall structure of the skin. IPL can regulate the degrees of light, which makes it a perfect choice for different kinds of hair and skin, thus making it an individualised method for hair removal.

Benefits of IPL Hair Removal

One significant advantage of IPL laser hair removal over other methods is its effectiveness. Still, it is also the source of many other benefits, thus making it a reasonable solution to permanent hair removal.

  • Long-term Results: The best part of the IPL procedure is that it generates sound initially and for a longer duration. Frequent sessions should lead to noticeable amounts of hair reduction, and most of the customers are likely to experience long(er) breaks with the skin being smooth and even without the hair.
  • Cost-Effective: On the contrary, although purchasing an IPL device might initially seem to cost a fortune, its price is relatively low when you compare its total amount to visiting a beauty salon. With time, the IPL device provides limitless, one-time costs that could be used for an unlimited period.
  • Convenience: The convenience offered by home procedures, taken within your timing, implies no more appointments or wasting time in queues. The ease of not thinking of cooking ingredients or rushing to the grocery store is a very important benefit for busy people.
  • Less Painful: Compared with waxing or epilating, IPL hair removals can be considered less painful. Generally, people use a similar vocabulary to describe the sensation – “a warm tingling feeling and a slight prick on the skin,” which is easy to tolerate.
  • Reduced Ingrown Hairs: One of the benefits of IPL hair removal is that it “zeroes in” on disabling hairs, thus reducing the chances of ingrown hair suffocation, a common problem with shaving and waxing.

Prepping for IPL Treatment

The best way to have successful IPL treatments and reduce their risks is to be well-prepared. This involves:

  • Avoiding Sun Exposure: On the one hand, intense sun tanning or sunburn may cause the skin to be more pain-receptive, leading to a higher chance of adverse effects. Your exposure to UV rays should be limited to two weeks before the treatment session.
  • Shaving the Area: Thus, localised targeted treatment without burning the unwanted hair on the surface can be achieved by shaving. Therefore, this method ensures the efficiency of IPL.
  • Consulting with a Professional: Especially vastly significant among people having darker skin tones, a dermatologist may evaluate possible skin damage and ensure that a treatment precisely fitting your distinct requirements is employed.

IPL Hair Treatment: Aftercare and Safety

After-treatment care helps to calm the skin down and brings an additional benefit to the result of the IPL treatments. Recommendations include:

  • Gentle Exfoliation: To avoid ingrown hairs, regular light exfoliation 4-5 days after the procedure tyres down old cells and helps eliminate the hair.
  • Hydration: A thick, soft cream moisturiser can calm down redness and the wellness state of the skin, which the inflammation may cause.
  • Soothing Irritation: When it comes to redness, irritation, or any other symptoms, a 1% hydrocortisone cream or a cool cloth can ease the aches and pains.

Choose the Right IPL Device: Discovering Ulike Air 10

When choosing the right IPL device for your hair removal needs, the decision may serve you throughout the described journey. Among the wide variety of options available on the market is Ulike Air 10, which became a new word in the industry and has several competitive advantages. 

Considering its innovative approach to design and overall effectiveness, the identified device can be viewed as an opportunity to address hair removal issues at home. Therefore, the fundamental benefits of Ulike Air 10 include:

Using Innovative Technology

The given device uses advanced IPL technology, characterized by its ability to act on melanin in the hair follicles without hurting the skin. The latter aspect supports better hair regrowth and serves as a long-lasting choice.

Addresses All Types of Skin and Hair

Realizing that each person is different and has unique skin and hair specifics, the developers of Ulike Air 10 designed a device that can address various tones and colours. The alternative is more inclusive than its competitors and, therefore, more effective.

Cooling Features

Ulike Air 10 is known for its Sapphire Ice Cooling technology, allowing users to benefit from permanently cooled and soothed skin. It reduces pain and burning to zero, which makes the experience more pleasant. Alternatives become uncomfortable when they warm up as the users experience significant pain.

Different Power Levels and Ease of Use

The device is particularly convenient as it can be adjusted according to hair density and skin sensitivity. In addition, a few attachments allow applying Ulike Air 10 to all body parts, including the most sensitive ones.

Quality of Investment

Finally, even though the identified device requires an initial investment, which is higher than buying shaving accessories, the latter alternative will never secure the value brought by Ulike Air 10.


IPL laser hair removal offers a blended experience of convenience, efficiency, and, most importantly, longevity. This ride makes it superior to the regular hair removal methods. By selecting a suitable device and complying with the pre-and post-treatment instructions, users are guaranteed the most effortless way to reveal the real glow of their skin. 

Air 10 is the ultimate product in IPL technology from Ulike Air, which is easy to use and provides the very best options for at-home hair removal. If you want to read it more, you can visit the official website of Ulike Air.

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